" Where Life Is Sweet"

Robin's Nest Desserts!

I was always fascinated by my mom and aunts cooking in the kitchen, I often reminisce about the aromas of fried chicken and peach cobbler traveling through the house from a kitchen that was full of laughter.With perseverance and determination, my mother, widowed at an early age; fulfilled her dreams as owner of a soul food restaurant. 

She opened TJ’s Restaurant, (named after her 1st grandson) in Gary, IN 1986. She continued in her endeavors until the unfriendly signs of physical illness.

Today, I too mirror that same perseverance and determination; during a difficult time in my life, my mind wondered back to those memories that brought much joy and comfort. Visualizing my mom baking cobblers and preparing those matchless holiday dinners was the catalyst that gave birth to Robin’s Nest Desserts and Catering.Robin’s Nest remembers the taste of good times past and now looks forward to igniting the flames of baking these treasured desserts once again with new laughter, new friends, new memories ….

Yeah, good times are here again…. Treasured desserts, treasured memories!

Life is sweet at Robin’s Nest!